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Turn-key projects


2018 10 30

On 26 October 2018, on the occassion of the commencement of works on the construction of boiler-house for unitary enterprise “Chervenskoye” Housing and Public Utilities, we put a capsule with the letter for future generations into the object‘s foundation. This is a large-volume project, which, when completed, will provide the heating networks of the city of Chervyen with a key-ready new boiler-house with 20 MW power.

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2018 10 24

Long and diligent negotiations with the independent electric energy producer in Ukraine, which had lasted for almost two years, translated into the contract on the supply of 14 MW (40 bar 400oC) steam boiler with bio-fuel furnace, full fuel supply, smoke purification, ash extraction and automatic control system. Also, the scope of works provides for designing of the technological and automatization parts as well as start-up and commissioning works of the entire supplied system.

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2018 10 02

On October 1, the following equipment designed and produced by corporate group “ENERSTENA” was exported for client “AmberBirch” and its wood-processing factory which is now being constructed in the city of Jēkabpils  situated in the South-East of Latvia:

- 5 MW bio-fuel-driven boiler with bio-fuel furnace and special condensing economizer;

- 5 MW reserve natural-gas-driven steam-boiler;

- other boiler equipment (two new chimneys, deaerator and main steam collector).

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2018 08 17

On 6 August 2018, a contract was signed with French enterprise Leroux & Lotz Technologies for the design and manufacturing of flue gas condenser for 43 MW biomass boiler and condensate neutralization-cooling system and for the delivery thereof to Grenoble, a city situated in the South-Eastern part of France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. It is the third project of ENERSTENA in this country.

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2018 08 09

On August 8, corporate group ENERSTENА was visited by the participants of the JLMS summer camp organized by the Union of Young Scientists of Lithuania, senior pupils (9-12 grades) who are interested in technologies, innovations and natural sciences. We familiarized the young scientists with the ENERSTENA’s scientific research and development center, presented analyzes of different kind of biomass fuel carried out in the fuel research laboratory and showed the UAB Enerstena gamyba workshop.

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2018 08 08

August 7 was the day when ENERSTENA finished manufacturing its designed biomass water heating boiler equipment with the capacity of 10MW and it finally started moving towards Latvia. The products were transported on as many as seven trucks.

The technological equipment of boiler house was produced for client SIA New Fuels RSEZ.

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2018 08 07

Our corporate group is implementing its eight project in the neighboring Latvia. This time it is going to be our first boiler-house in the capital city of Riga that we will install for the largest producer and supplier of heat energy in the Baltic States AS “Rigas siltums“.

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2018 04 09

A cooperation agreement between the Kaunas University of technology, the Lithuanian energy institute, AB “Kauno energija” and UAB "ENERSTENA" has been signed on the 3rd of April.

All of the partners have agreed to further strengthen their cooperation in seeking leadership in the field of biomass energy in Lithuania and internationally.

The main objectives of the agreement include:

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