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2014 01 30

Marius Dubininkas, head of commercial department signed a contract with heat networks of Ventspils (Latvia) for manufacturing flue gas condenser, fitting it to existing 26 MW biofuel boilers. This agreement is important for us, because it is the first such kind of project outside Lithuania. This contract must be executed within 7 months, it is a very short period for this type of projects. We believe that our company and our team is capable to execute it and make us known outside Lithuania.

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2014 01 17

JSC “Enerstena” has produced the first steam boiler in Lithuania. This steam boiler is with a water cooled rotating smoke chamber, capacity – 14 t/h of superheated steam, working pressure  – 20 bar, steam temperature  – 230 °C. The boiler is connected to a biofuel-fired furnace. Steam boiler is also equipped with a pneumatic boiler cleaning system, Steam, produced by this boiler, will be used in production processes of SC „Grigiškės“. This is a second boiler in 4 years, which JSC “Enerstena” supplied for SC “Grigiškės“.

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2014 01 16

On the 8 th of January in 2014 JSC “Enerstena” and Latvias’ company signed a contract. According to this contract biofuel boiler with two flue gas condensers will be designed and manufactured. Biofuel boilers capacity will be 2 MW and 3 MW. Customer provides utilities, including heat. Dry condensers will be equipped for each biofuel boiler.  This will increase the biofuel boiler efficiency up to 91 %. Condensers can substantially increase heat production while burning the same amount of fuel.

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