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2019 09 27

On September 24, after midnight in Lithuanian time, the head of state, Gitanas Nausėda, delivered a speech for the first time to a wide international audience. The President spoke right after the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk.

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Mr. Nausėda, who delivered a speech at the UN General Assembly, argued that Lithuania, by using biomass for heating, contributes to the suspension of climate change. According to him, Lithuania supports the use of renewable energy sources.

“One of our biggest successes is the use of sustainable heating and the development of related technologies. Lithuania believes that the energy needed for heating, especially in apartment buildings, can be produced by using biomass. This can help halt climate change and facilitate the transition to a green economy.

As an example, the President cited the decision of Lithuania to replace fossil fuels with biomass and in the long run completely switch to this type of fuel for the needs of central heating.

“Over the past five years, the use of biomass in the Lithuanian central heating system has increased from 30% to 70%, and average prices for heating over the same period have fallen by 30-40%,” the head of state said.

In his speech, G. Nausėda listed five priorities that should immediately be on the agenda of world leaders in order to preserve the priceless beauty and diversity of nature for future generations. The program focuses on climate neutrality and the desire to minimize energy production from fossil fuels, encouraging the development of innovations, ring economy, increasing cooperation between business and the public sector, and seeking unique, creative solutions to climate change that would suit every state.

“I am glad that I can report that many countries have already taken over our initiative, including Sweden, Austria, Ukraine, Sakartvelo and Latvia. More countries are going to join us in the nearest future, ” G. Nausėda concluded.

This was Gitanas Nausėda‘s first presidential speech for a wide international audience.

We are glad that the President’s speech only confirmed that we are on the right track and our mission to society - to help reduce environmental pollution and use resources by creating effective solutions for energy production, the use of biomass - contributes to solving one of the world's largest problems - climate change.