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2020 05 08

Enerstena is pleased to inform you that Juhani Ruotsalainen has joined Enerstena Suomi Oy as a country manager.

 The bioenergy sector is in rapid development in Finland, investments in the state-of-the-art biomass combustion technologies are increasing and Enerstena’s position in the country is getting stronger. Therefore, Enerstena’s local expertise is also being further developed.

 Juhani has joined the team since May 4th, 2020 with mission to develop Enerstena’s business in Finland. Enerstena is committed to being a member of the Finnish bioenergy sector for years to come. This means solutions that meet the strictest Finnish requirements as well as project capabilities that ensure high-quality on-time deliveries. Juhani’s task is to ensure that Enerstena’s technology will be available for Finnish energy users most conveniently and efficiently.

“Enerstena has a bright future in Finland. We are still a newcomer in the country but with an already visible position in the market. It will be an exciting journey to guide Enerstena’s growth in Finland” tells Juhani while looking to the future.

Enerstena’s CEO Viginijus Ramanauskas states on his behalf that “I’m pleased to see Juhani taking the lead in business in Finland. We see great opportunities and Juhani, with his extensive experience in the energy business, is a great reinforcement to our team. I’m positive that great results will follow for Enerstena as well as for our Finish customers”.

Petteri Kekkonen, who was acting as country manager since 2018, will in turn proceed with sales development activities in Finland.