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Design of biomass boiler plants equipment


2019 09 02

On 30 July 2019, corporate group ENERSTENA signed the second contract with customers from the Netherlands. For customer De Warmtebron B. V., we will install a 10 MW biofuel-driven water-heating boiler-house. The scope of works of the ENERSTENA corporate group includes the technological system design, equipment production and supply, electrical engineering and automation as well as start-up and commissioning. The boiler-house will have a water-heating boiler with a capacity of 8 MW, a biofuel furnace and a condensation economizer with a capacity of 3 MW. In order to comply with the particularly stringent standards for emissions of pollutants into the environment, it is provided for to implement bag filters and the SNCR system. The project also provides for the installation of fuel storage and fuel supply as well as ash removal and other related engineering systems. It is planned that the customer will begin to receive energy from the boiler-house on 1 October 2020.

The first contract for the construction of a 5 MW biofuel boiler-house with P. J. H. Maessen Beheer B. V. in the Netherlands was signed on 26 February 2019. The object of the contract is a 4 MW water heating boiler with a biofuel furnace, a 1 MW condensation economizer as well as fuel, ash and related systems. The boiler-house is going to be put into operation prior to 31 December 2019.

Both customers in the Netherlands are engaged in the vegetable growing business and the boiler-houses installed by ENERSTENA will heat their greenhouses. The 5 MW boiler-house installed for P.J.H. Maessen Beheer B.V. will heat a 7 ha greenhouse, where cucumbers are grown, and the 10 MW boiler-house installed for De Warmtebron B.V. will supply heat to a 20 ha greenhouse, where paprika is grown.

We are pleased that step by step we are gaining momentum and expanding our positions in Europe.