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Manufacture of biomass boiler plants equipment


2019 11 19

On the 7th of November, 2019 there was signed a contract with Thwan Van Gennip Energie B.V. regarding the construction of a 5 MW biomass hot water boiler house in the Netherlands. The ENERSTENA is undertaken to install a fuel storage and fuel supply system, to produce and install a furnace for combustion of biomass chips (with the possibility to burn shreds and forest residues), 4 MW hot water boiler, 1 MW flue gas condenser, flue gas treatment system (SNCR system, bag filter), ash handling system and all other auxiliary systems (compressed air, reserve power generator, flue gas fan, piping, flue gas ducts, chimney, etc.). This is a technology supply turn-key contract.

Thwan Van Gennip Energie B.V.  is one of the largest growers of berries (strawberries, blackberries) in the Netherlands. The ENERSTENA will heat their newly built greenhouses,which area is about 7.5 ha. The boiler room is being built in the existing premises, while reconstructing the building and adapting them to new facilities. The boiler room will operate about 7 months a year. It is supposed that the ENERSTENA boiler plant will heat the greenhouses of the customer already from the 1st of October, 2020.

This is already the third facility in the Netherlands, which is intended to supply energy for the greenhouses. It is great opportunity to achieve very high efficiency of the boiler plant while using flue gas condenser connected to Customer’s possessed system (accumulative tanks). We are pleased that our customers trust the solutions offered by the ENERSTENA, which create the high value.

The trust in the ENERSTENA is also determined due to the fact that our boiler room meets especially high environmental requirements, ensuring very low NOx emissions rates (145 mg / Nm3). This can be achieved with the SNCR (Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction) system created and developed by the R&D of the ENERSTENA.

Due to the high efficiency of the equipment, low electricity costs and high level of system automation, the boiler room offered by the ENERSTENA will ensure low operating costs for the Customer.

The facility is scheduled to be built and commissioned within 11 months.

The first ENERSTENA 5 MW boiler plant in Grashoek, the Netherlands will be commissioned already this winter.