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Biomass heating technologies


2020 04 15

Vireen AS has awarded ENERSTENA to provide a turnkey biomass energy plant in Estonia in capacity of 3,5 MW.

The new biomass energy plant will supply process steam and heating to Vireen factory, a recycling plant for perished farm animals and animal by-products from meat industry in Estonia, presently sourcing energy from fossil fuels.

The new plant will be unique in terms of unconventional and challenging type of biomass fuel to be used – meat and bone meal – which streams as a by-product from meat recycling process. Here, ENERSTENA‘s proprietary technologies and know how shall be deployed for efficient and environmentally clean energy production.

Plant concept showcases the possibility of using meat and bone meal fuels in small scale energy production and thus is an important development for ENERSTENA, as well as for dedicated industrial and energy markets. It is yet another wonderful example of using industry‘s own process by-products to replace fossil fuel energy sources, thereby enabling circular economy and carbon neutrality.

Energy supply from the new biomass energy plant is scheduled for May 2021.

ENERSTENA is grateful for the trust and acknowledgement of its proprietary know-how and competences in advanced biomass energy technologies.