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Biomass heating technologies

ENERSTENA Group soon to open two new boiler plants that would use unusual biofuel

2017 02 25

Two more boiler plants being installed by the ENERSTENA Group are at the home stretch. A cogeneration plant for UAB Kietaviškių gausa is set to open in April, with the biofuel-based boiler plant for UAB Lerenta following soon after. UAB Kietaviškių gausa is the biggest greenhouse complex in the Baltics and its activity is pot-growing cucumbers, tomatoes and salads. The cogenerational plant that is being built for them will have the capacity to burn not only processed wood, but also coconut shell shavings leftover from the activity of the company – those are used as a medium for seedlings at the beginning of the growing cycle. The biofuel boiler plant of UAB Lerenta will be able to burn wood chips as well as peat.

In the object that belongs to UAB Kietaviškių gausa the team from the ENERSTENA Group is responsible for the design, construction, design of equipment, manufacturing and assemblage, and launch-alignment. Since May 9th of 2016, a biofuel boiler of 5 MW, a gas boiler of 3 MW, a cogeneration of 1,7 MW and an impressive buffer storage tank with water capacity of 1500 m3, have been installed. This was a priority project for the ENERSTENA Group, as they were required to build the premises for the boiler plant, manufacture all the equipment required for the combustion of biofuel and gas, assemble said equipment, preform launch and alignment, and turn the object in to the client, as well as the necessary competent authorities, in a very short time. Thanks to this project, UAB Kietaviškių gausa will become less dependent from other heating suppliers, as they can, at least partially, produce the heat and power necessary for their company. All the heat energy and electricity produced will be utilized for the illumination and heating of the plants grown in the greenhouses.

A biofuel boiler plant for UAB Lerenta is set to open soon, and since June 23rd 2016, when the works were started, a water-heating boiler of 5 MW equipped with a flue gas condenser has been installed. Here, ENERSTENA Group performed works related to design, construction, assemblage and launch-alignment. The boiler plant of UAB Lerenta will have a non-standard, entrenched storage room where the fuel can be unloaded straight from the semitrailer of a road tractor. The use of a separate front loader to load the fuel becomes unnecessary. This boiler plant is connected to the heat supply network of the public body Visagino energija. On the 14th of February 2017, combustion of biofuel began in said boiler plant.

As the leader of biomass combustion technologies in Lithuania, the ENERSTENA Group provides a product line of various technological equipment for industrial biofuel boiler plants. The group designed, manufactured, and installed a boiler of 2 MW (3 t/h of steam) that runs on straws and wood pellets. This boiler is running reliably at the Philip Morris Lithuania tobacco plant in Klaipėda. In addition to the technology for the combustion of straws, we have also designed one for combusting oat hulls. We designed and manufactured out-hull-based boilers of 2 t/h that are installed in the enterprise UAB Grainmore.

“We, together with our clients, encourage the usage of renewable energy sources and strive to have a clean and safe environment for our future generations. Utilization of biofuel for the production of industrial energy is entirely viable, as well as economically profitable, especially in cases where waste from manufacturing activities is used to produce energy”, stated the CEO of UAB Enerstena group and the president of the Lithuanian Biomass Energy Association (LITBIOMA) Virginijus Ramanauskas.