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Biomass heating technologies

ENERSTENA GROUP continues the search for new ideas

2017 01 23

On the 19th of January together with partners we submitted the second this year and already the forth proposal totally for financing according to the biggest EU research and innovation program Horizon 2020. Proposal acronym HESSMART – Highly efficient hybrid storage solutions for power and heat in residential buildings and district areas, balancing the supply and demand conditions. The core idea of the project is to to develop and demonstrate a novel scalable hybrid energy storage system that can offer: from one side competitive costs for the European energy generation and network distribution markets, while on the other can ensure major stability against RES intermittencies. Project value is more than 5,3 mln. euros. Project coordinator – University of Oslo, amongst partners – Politecniko di Milano, Lithuanian energy institute and technological companies from Sweden, Greece, Spain, Italy and Estonia.