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Manufacture of biomass boiler plants equipment

Delivery contract of a heating plant to Urjala

2017 03 27

A contract has been signed between Airanteen Energia and Nakkila Boilers Oy for the delivery of a 1.5 MW heating plant equipment to Urjala.

The total power of the new plant is 1,5 MW and it is used to produce heat to the district heating network in Urjala.  The primary fuel used is whole wood chips with moisture of 20-50%. In addition the heating plant can use sod peats, wood chips from forest residue and bark as fuel.

The new plant will be built next to the current plant. The delivery by Nakkila Boilers Oy includes a full set of boiler equipment with accessories as well as equipment to the fuel storage building. The customer delivery includes electrification and automation as well as the buildings. The new plant will start producing heat in November 2017.