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2019 11 22

A solemn opening ceremony of the heating system of the town of Cherven took place on 21st November 2019. Under the agreement with УП «Червенское» ЖКХ, the ENERSTENA Group of Companies performed turnkey works, designed, manufactured, installed, commissioned and harmonized the main equipment.

The built boiler house is equipped with two 5 MW and one 2 MW boilers, which are heated with biofuel (wood chips up to 55% of humidity) with a 1,896 MW capacity condensing economizer for them. There are two 3 MW gas heated boilers with condensing economizers as well. We are proud that the on-site installed condensing economizers are the first of such kind in Belarus and they are designed and manufactured by our company.

In addition, the scope of the project included the replacement of heat supply networks. Altogether more than 11 km of the heat supply networks have been replaced, more than 70% of which in the centre of the town.

It is the second facility of bioenergy in Belarus in the last three years. The efficient equipment installed in the boiler house will not only ensure reliable operation of the boiler house at the lowest cost, but also reduce the environmental pollution by using renewable energy sources - biofuel (biomass).