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Design of biomass boiler plants equipment


2020 01 16

Enerstena team has been trusted by Lahti Energia Oy to deliver turnkey saturated steam boiler plant that will provide sustainable bio-heat energy to Fazer Finland Oy new Xylitol production facility and Fazer’s bakery, mill and rye crisp production lines, which are located in Lahti, Finland.

 The steam plant will convert oat residues, by-products from oat mill and Xylitol production process, into valuable energy, thereby reducing carbon emissions and process waste while contributing to Fazer group strategy of reducing CO2 emissions and food waste by 50 % until 2030 and supporting concept of circular economy of food processing chain.

 The innovative steam plant is one of the latest examples of Enerstena’s bio energy concepts. This plant includes tailor-made combustion system for processed oat hulls, steam boiler and selective non-catalytic NOx reduction system, all developed by Enerstena’s R&D team.

 State of the art solutions are being used for flue gas treatment from solid particles and desulphurization system in order to meet strict environmental regulations and silo for fuel storage. In addition, Enerstena will be responsible for delivery of complete steam plant’s process automation system.

Finland is a demanding market with harsh climate conditions where energy plants are of utmost sophistication. We are grateful for being trusted in our innovative, reliable and environmentally clean biomass energy technologies.

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