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Biomass heating technologies

Hot air generator AIRONERG

New! Designed and manufactured in Lithuania.

Environmentally friendly and cost effective.

We are now introducing our newly designed 700 kW hot air generator AIRONERG 700. It is designed for the production of hot air, which can be used for grain and wood dryers, as well as for heating large spaces.


Power from 300 kW to 1500 kW

High energy efficiency ≥ 85%

Maximum air input temperature of 110 °C


  • Convenient operation.
  • Selection of airflow pressure and a hot air blowing fan.
  • Fired with biofuels. Can be supplied with wood or straw pellets, grain screening pellets, wood chips or liquid fuel burners.
  • Made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • The system can be mounted on a trailer or another chassis.
  • Hot air generator controller with a touch-sensitive screen.
  • Automatic ash removal from the furnace and the heat exchanger.
  • Can be used all year round both indoors and outdoors.

Base system features:

  • air heater with a combustion chamber and a smoke-air heat exchanger;
  • burner for selected fuel;
  • air blowing fan with a manual air flow control;
  • manual  system for  cleaning the heat exchanger;
  • hot air generator controller with a touch-sensitive screen.

Additional system features:

  • fuel tanks of different sizes;
  • system can be mounted on a trailer or another chassis;
  • automatic fuel transportation from the tank to the burner;
  • automatic air flow control;
  • automated system for  cleaning the heat exchangers;
  • automatic exhauster control;
  • combustion process control with a LAMBDA probe;
  • data transfer via GSM (SMS messages);
  • chimney flue location evaluation in the system installation.


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