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Process automation

Narūnas Brazaitis
Mob. +370 698 04756


“Enerstena VS” – specialists in process and production automation, one of the leading Lithuanian automation companies, the member of Enerstena companies group.

More than 20 years of work in automation business let “Enerstena VS” team to accumulate a lot of experience creating and implementing various control systems.

 The spectrum of services proposed for our Customers includes:

  • design of hardware and software;
  • software engineering;
  • supply of equipment;
  • implementation of control systems;
  • technological commissioning of boiler houses;
  • training of personnel;
  • maintenence and support of our systems.

 The main fields of activities of „Enerstena VS“ – automation of heat and electricity generation, water supply and water treatment, waste recycling, other manufacturing processes. Today there is 22 engineers (designers, programmers, commissioners) in the company.

 Outstanding features of our systems - reliability, wide functionality, based on the newest technologies - and at the same time simplicity, attractiveness and convenience of use.

 Control systems in energetics:

  • hot water and steam boilers, natural gas/ liquid fuels;
  • biomass boilers and boiler houses;
  • condensing economizers;
  • steam turbines;
  • cogeneration plants;
  • electric power plants.

 Control systems in water supply and water treatment:

  • supply of drinking water for inhabitants;
  • municipal waste water treatment plants;
  • water preparation for industry and energetics.

 Other control systems:

  • gas compressor Station;
  • bio-diesel fuel factory;
  • used automobile tyres recycling equipment;
  • post parcel distribution lines;
  • sugar factories;
  • artificial fertilizers factory;
  • confectionery factory;
  • milk processing factory;
  • malt production factory;
  • remote control systems.