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Manufacture of biomass boiler plants equipment


2017 03 27

A contract has been signed between Airanteen Energia and Nakkila Boilers Oy for the delivery of a 1.5 MW heating plant equipment to Urjala.

The total power of the new plant is 1,5 MW and it is used to produce heat to the district heating network in Urjala.  The primary fuel used is whole wood chips with moisture of 20-50%. In addition the heating plant can use sod peats, wood chips from forest residue and bark as fuel.

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2017 03 22

ENERSTENA Group with its subsidiary in Finland Nakkila Boilers are going to attend the conference Nordic Baltic Bioenergy. Data: 29-31 of March. Place: Helsinki, Finland.

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2017 02 25

Two more boiler plants being installed by the ENERSTENA Group are at the home stretch. A cogeneration plant for UAB Kietaviškių gausa is set to open in April, with the biofuel-based boiler plant for UAB Lerenta following soon after. UAB Kietaviškių gausa is the biggest greenhouse complex in the Baltics and its activity is pot-growing cucumbers, tomatoes and salads.

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2017 01 23

On the 19th of January together with partners we submitted the second this year and already the forth proposal totally for financing according to the biggest EU research and innovation program Horizon 2020. Proposal acronym HESSMART – Highly efficient hybrid storage solutions for power and heat in residential buildings and district areas, balancing the supply and demand conditions.

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2017 01 09

ENERSTENA Group starts new year with new ideas. On the 5th of January together with partners we submitted already the third proposal for financing according to the biggest EU research and innovation program Horizon 2020. Proposal acronym WASTE2GAS – A novel gasification-based process for producing renewable methane from waste and biomass residues. The core idea of the project is to fulfill the high demand of renewable fuels in the transport sector, especially in the heavy duty sector. The planned range of conversion plants is 10-50 MW. Project value – is almost 5 mln. euros.

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2017 01 06

By consistent implementation of export development, ENERSTENA Group strengthens its cooperation with Belarus.  In December, 2016, the contract with OAO Гомельский завод Коммунальник was signed.

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2016 12 24
2016 12 22

Nakkila Boiler Oy, the company of ENERSTENA Group in Finland, has signed its first contract for installation, by December 2017, of 8 MW boiler plant with a 2 MW flue gas condenser and condensate treatment system. It is first project  after Enerstena Group acquired Finnish company Nakkila Boilers Oy. Implementation of the project will allow the boiler plant in Keuruu, Finland, to generate approx. 60-70 percent of the heat required for the city with population of 10 thousand.

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