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2018 01 29

Lithuanian companies are interesting to foreigners not only because of their biochemistry or laser technologies, but also because of the possibilities in the field of biofuel energy production. The first steps were made towards the Swiss, Netherlands and Philippines markets.

During the beginning of this year UAB "Enerstenos projektavimas" representatives will visit the far away Philippines, where they will asses the bioenergy possibilities of the country. Lithuanians are preparing a feasibility study for the international "Philip Morris" company, aimed at constructing steam boiler houses working on ecologic biofuel and providing heat and steam to the "Philip Morris" branches active in Philippines.

"We have met the "Philip Morris" or its Lithuanian company "Philip Morris Lietuva" to be more precise, for the first time in 2015", - says UAB "Enerstenos projektavimas" sales director Tadas Lukoševičius. We have built and launched a biofuel boiler house in Klaipeda. It is an interesting fact that this was the first "Philips Morris" biofuel operated bioler house in the world. Prior to that they have used liquid fuel or gas at their boiler houses, however, now they are converting to more ecologically friendly fuel, which preserves the environment. The cooperation was a success, therefore, at the end of 2016 we have been located by the "Philip Morris International" branch, which is active in Europe, but is heading its energy projects around the globe. We were offered to assess the possibilities to construct renewable biofuel boiler houses at their factories in Switzerland and Netherlands. 

"ENERSTENA Group", which has successfully made a name for itself in the energy research area expects to present its other advantages in the near future. Especially, when it can provide not only standard equipment, but create a solution, which best fits the needs of a specific client, and design, produce and install biofuel burning equipment, which is the best for him and his needs.

"Philip Morris" was interested in using their production waste at their boiler houses and we have offered them corresponding equipment after completing needed researches" - explains UAB "Enerstenos projektavimas" representative. "ENERSTENA Group" actively searches for clients abroad, since the Lithuanian biofuel equipment market is almost saturated. Therefore, in order to continue growing, it is necessary to expand outside of Lithuania. Engineering and scientific service export is also promoted by the national energy strategy, prepared by the Energy ministry. 

During its lifetime, "ENERSTENA Group" has implemented over 180 complex projects in nine foreign countries: Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, France, Belarus, Ukraine, Sweden and Norway.