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We successfully perform all design work related to the construction of energy equipment and processes, as well as industrial objects, with a particular focus on the  optimisation of construction, mechanical, electrical and process engineering-related solutions. Through the application of the newest design programmes and the experience of our engineers, we are able to offer optimal engineering solutions to save our clients’ money. Our customers can focus on taking care of their business success. All solutions are selected individually to satisfy the needs of each client and each project.


UAB "Enerstenos projektavimas"  is engaged in the following activities:

  • Management of pre-design works: We are ready to professionally carry out the works which are necessary before the start of designing, we order engineering-geodesical investigations and engineering-geodesical studies, calculate energy needs of the object and, following it, recieve conditions for connection to engineering networks; we also execute public information about future object; organize impact assessment procedures.
  • Feasibility study. We perform legal, technical, economical assessment of situation/object and select most acceptable option for the potential investment. For the Employer we make detailed object implementation plan.
  • Preparation of design proposals for the building: Before start of designing we offer the client design proposals, expressing idea of architectural and other solutions for the building conceived by the Builder.  We perform public information procedures about buildings, important for the society, and recieve special requirements.
  • Terms of reference for the design works/technical specification. We make technical specification, Employers vision for materialization of the task, which may be presented like tender documentation. In the document there are defined works volume, recieved connection conditions if necessary, supplied conceptual solutions and other information.
  • Preparation of technical projects: Our design department prepares the full scope of technical projects for plants consisting of the following parts: General (which includes environmental calculations and fire protection solutions for the plant); Site Recovery; Architectural; Construction; Production (Service) Technology; Water Supply and Sewage Removal; Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning; Gas Supply; Electrotechnical; Process Management and Automation; Safety and Fire Alarms; Electronic Communications (Telecommunications); Preparation for the Construction and Construction Work Organisation; Bills of Quantities; and Economic aspects. Experienced project managers are responsible for the coherence of these parts.
  • Preparation of work projects: We do not limit ourselves to preparing technical documentation only for the technical projects designed by us. We are also experienced in elaborating successful solutions for technical projects made by other companies, and in preparing work projects for varied designs.
  • Preparation of drawings for the manufacturing of constructions and equipment: Our qualified constructors working in the design department can prepare specific drawings for the manufacturing of various constructions (KMD stage). Once the contractor has these drawings, they will simply need to select the manufacturer.
  • Management of services delegated by the builder: We also do not limit ourselves to design work. We consider the customer as a partner who needs overall assistance in all stages of the execution of an investment project, including the pre-design stage, the design stage, construction and completion of the plant, and even assistance during plant operations when making process decisions or addressing any problems. We communicate with clients when coordinating projects in institutions or municipal enterprises, and will always obtain the correct construction permits or documents.
  • We adapt the documentation and technology designs of foreign partners in accordance with the norms and legislation of the Republic of Lithuania; we also prepare any insufficient parts of a project, in order to achieve the correct technical level of the project and provide other services.

In order to maintain the wide scope of activity in the UAB "Enerstenos projektavimas", 25 qualified specialists are currently employed in this department. Each specialist has a university degree and the relevant qualification certificates that entitle them to manage a project, or a project part related to special structures. We are constantly looking for the best specialists to join our team, and encourage existing specialists to develop their qualifications in Lithuania and during periodical placements abroad, as well as through participation in the seminars arranged by the equipment manufacturers.

Our qualified and experienced designers use the newest software, which allow them to model the design solutions in a three-dimensional format. Calculations on the mechanical resistance of piping, the stress status, deformations and the loads of supports are performed using software in accordance to the requirements of the EN13480 standard. Piping is laid down (i.e. is modelled) in a three-dimensional environment from standard components conforming to EN, DIN, ANSI, GOST and other standards. In this way, the rational and ergonomic layout of equipment, piping or service sites can be established, ensuring the reliable and durable operation of the equipment, and simple and easy maintenance. When making real-time planning for piping and equipment, the layout of the support structures of buildings is already taken into account. This allows us to see any mistakes in the design stage and correct these, thus avoiding discrepancies in the construction stage.

The following software is used during the design work: Bentley Open Plant Modeler, Bentley AutoPIPE, STAAD.Pro, ProStructures, MicroStation, and AutoCAD.

Designs and design documentation are prepared and formalised following the regulations (Lith. – STR), norms and legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, and other requirements. If the Customer desires, we will follow stricter norms as specified by him, and carry out all calculations in accordance to these norms.

Please feel assured of our work quality and our readiness to undertake new challenges.